Hire a Casting DirectorHire a Casting Director isn’t easy. With a lot to chose from, the problem of looking for the right talent to cast is a really tough job, but fun.

When casting talent for your movies, shows, original features, commercials, TV programs, print work, fashion shows, runway, theatrical productions, commercials or even corporate and music videos, our casting directors will assemble the casts of hundreds of actors, negotiate deals with the actors’ agents and manage the contracts once the actors have signed.

Why Hire a Casting Director
The casting director may be employed by the studio, own or work for a casting agency or be a solo operator. A casting director must have strong knowledge in the study of film and theater arts, such as acting and directing, as well as business management. They must understand the complexities of negotiate contracts and working with union employees as well be very well connected with everyone in the entertainment industry.

Vice Casting’s advantage is that we also cast casting directors! We have a liberty of casting directors for hire in Atlanta’s entertainment industry that understands budgeting, networking, hiring and the movie entertainment scene in Atlanta, GA. Our casting casting directors are very well connected connected with everyone else who works in the entertainment industry.

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