Atlanta Casting Call Agency for Models and Actors


Vice Casting is a Multicultural Casting Agency that delivers actors, models and music artists/bands from all reams. Located in Gwinnett County the biggest multicultural community in the southeast and North Atlanta, GA. Our community is the fastest growing integrated county in Georgia, maybe even the United States. Plus we are growing fast for major motion pictures and entertainment.

Our Niche

Vice Casting's niche is that we have access to every kind of type of person to choose from in our location. Whether our looking for White, Black, African, Spanish, Middle-Eastern, Asian, European, ect, we have them or we will find them.

Our Belief

Our belief is that everyone is equal and looking for opportunity with their career. Vice Casting is here to help. Our responsibility to match real culturally diversity, all generations, and bilingual people with our clients conceptual brand needs. We support both Union & Non Union talent for Principal and Extras Casting for Commercials, Print advertisements, Music Videos, Short Feature Films, Television and Reality TV.  

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